About The Chocolate Mill

About The Chocolate Mill

     Dreaming and searching

In January 2000 Chris Weippert had a dream. To build an environmentally friendly business, a chocolate shop, selling 100% European chocolate made with the best quality ingredients.

In January 2001 Chris and his wife Jen moved from Perth to Daylesford. After purchasing the block of bushland outside town, Chris began planning the building. In August that year, money was tight and to meet the banks loan repayments, they decided to move from their unit in town to a shed on the property. This 5 x 6m insulated shed with no electricity was home for the next 28 months.

     Building the dream

In February 2002 the steel frame was finally up. During the next few weeks the joists for the first floor went up then finally the roof. With the structure in place the next 20 months was spent adding the straw-bale, rendering, plumbing, electricity...

Early March 2003, the power was finally switched on.

In July Jen's working contract in Ballarat had finished. Now with no income coming in, both Chris and Jen worked tirelessly to open as soon as possible. By early November the couple, with only $44.00 remaining in the bank, realised they could not hold off opening any longer.

On November 21, 2003 at 10am The Chocolate Mill officially opened. At 10:05 their first customer walked in. That same customer returned for more chocolates later that day. The Chocolate Mill was an instant hit and word quickly spread about the quality of the chocolate.

In 2004 The Chocolate Mill won the Goldfields best new business award.

     The Hot Chocolate Cafe

Due to growing popularity the cafe extension opened in 2006 and due to the high praise for the amazing hot chocolate, was again an instant hit.

To this day The Chocolate Mill maintains it's commitment to a high standard. Importing the finest Belgian Fair Trade chocolate and continuing to make amazing fillings using only the best quality ingredients. Chocolate lovers far and wide continue to return again and again.