About the chocolate we use

About the chocolate we use

We use only the finest Belgian couverture chocolate in all our products. Our chocolate is produced in Belgium by Callebaut, one of the leaders in chocolate manufacturing relied on by chefs and chocolatiers the world over.

Callebaut is still one of the rare chocolate makers to select, roast and grind cacao beans themselves, creating their own exclusive cocoa mass - the most important ingredient for couverture chocolate. They select only the best varieties of cocoa bean, which is roasted in their entire shell to protect the most delicate aromas and yield a more intense, more complex and deeper cocoa flavour.   

In January 2011 Callebaut launched their certified Fair Trade couverture chocolate. We of course snapped up the first supply that shipped to Australia and have proudly used it ever since.

     Our other ingredients

The fillings for our chocolates are all made on site and contain ingredients from local, national and international producers and suppliers. We use international products due to their superior quality and minimal or no artificial ingredients. However, if we can find and source equal or better made locally we are more than happy to use them.

Due to the fast turnover and the fact they are hand made on site. Our chocolates never get a chance to lose their original freshness. We pride ourselves in making our own caramel, honeycomb and ganache on site, free of artificial ingredients to promote shelf life.

All our staff participate in crafting our products and understand the ingredients in our chocolates. They are also happy to assist people with specific dietary requirements, for example different coeliac requirements, religious dietary requirements, nut or lactose allergy or intolerance.

To further assist, our chocolates are labeled vegan friendly, alcohol % and wheat (glucose and gluten).