Mum's Secret Choccy Stash

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660.00 Grams

This Kit contains five products guaranteed to delight any Mum with a sweet tooth....Milk Fruit & Nut Clusters, Milk Liquorice Bullets, Peanut Brittle with Dark choc chips, Dark Ginger Swirls with Ginger & Lemon Ganache filling, and a gift box filled with 13 of our most popular cabinet Truffles.

The gift box contains the following popular truffle chocolates:

    2 Port & Plum

    1 Honey Macadamia 

    2 Hazelnut Frangelico 

    2 Irish Creme 

    2 Orange Creme Liquor Truffles

    2 Cranberry Casanova 

    2 Vanilla Coconut Cream


We take pride in using the finest Belgian Fair Trade couverture chocolate.