Mum's Secret Quarantine Stash

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660.00 Grams

We all know home is where your Mum is. But we can't all be there at this time, so you really need to go that extra mile to show her you care. The Chocolate Mill "Mum's secret quarantine stash" does just that. This Kit contains five products guaranteed to delight any Mum with a sweet tooth....Milk Fruit & Nut Clusters, Milk Liquorice Bullets, Peanut Brittle with Dark choc chips, Dark Ginger Swirls with Ginger & Lemon Ganache filling, and a gift box filled with 13 of our most popular cabinet Truffles. This playful gift box will bring comfort and joy to any Mother in these tough times.

The gift box contains the following popular truffle chocolates:

    2 Port & Plum

    1 Honey Macadamia 

    2 Hazelnut Frangelico 

    2 Irish Creme 

    2 Orange Creme Liquor Truffles

    2 Cranberry Casanova 

    2 Vanilla Coconut Cream


Stay safe fellow chocoholics.


We take pride in using the finest Belgian Fair Trade couverture chocolate.